HiChem™, the most chemical-resistant Rhino Linings formulation, remains stable in a variety of immersion applications. It is typically sprayed onto metal and concrete surfaces, but it can adhere to almost any substrate. HiChem provides excellent corrosion resistance and will not deteriorate from most chemical attacks.

HiChem has a Shore D 70 hardness, and it is our most rigid formulation with the highest amount of molecular cross-linking in its formulation. Depending on the ratio formulation and gel time, elongation can range from 10% to 40%, giving this hard coating some flexibility. HiChem is available in both 2:1 and 1:1 ratio formulations. HiChem 21-70-90 is formulated with a slow gel time allowing for a smooth surface spray or casting of products.

HiChem 21-70 Data Sheet
HiChem 21-70-90 Data Sheet
HiChem 11-70 Data Sheet

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HiChem Formulation Properties

  • Excellent for water and chemical resistance
  • Excellent for corrosion protection
  • Good for sound reduction

Typical HiChem Applications

  • High chemical protection applications
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Concrete protection from sulfide-based gasses
  • Primary containment
  • Secondary containment
  • Immersion service
  • Oil/petroleum production
  • Tank coatings
  • Pipelines
  • Settling tanks
  • Sewage tanks

HiChem: industry applications

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Rhino Case Studies
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Equipment Protection
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