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Rhino Linings offers a complete line of high density sealants in 2.0 lb, 3.0 lb, 6.0 lb and 10.0 lb densities to meet the specification standards of poultry integrators and performance demands of complex managers and growers. BioSeal™ polyurethane sealants create a seal that you can trust.

Spray applied using water as the blowing agent; the High Density sealants can be used in a variety of applications from livestock buildings to industrial sealing.

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Buildings - Agriculture


BioSeal™ 2.0 has 3% bio-based content in the finished product. BioSeal™ 3.0 has 16% bio-based content in the finished product and BioSeal™ 6.0 has 17% bio-based content in the finished product.

Agricultural Applications

Most agricultural buildings do not perform like a residential or commercial structure. Instead they rely on inexpensive, or sometimes even natural, ventilation systems to force air through the building. Often times insulating an agricultural building is not as important as sealing it correctly. A building with leaks uses more energy and prevents proper air flow, thus making the entire building ineffi cient. In order to create a more efficient structure, installers seal the roof and sidewalls.


Benefits of BioSeal High Density Foams

• High density sealants make it difficult for darkling beetles to penetrate
• Provides no food value for insects
• Stands up to high-pressure spray washes
• Formulated in black or white for your applications
• Integrates bio-polyols, as a replacement for a portion of the petroleum ingredients without sacrificing performance
• Supports farmers by using a renewable ingredient
• Reduces petroleum use by integrating renewable ingredients and by increasing building efficiency
• Spray applied using water instead of a chemical blowing agent

Other Applications

Industrial Air Sealing

Seal duct work in industrial settings to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of your mechanical systems.


Seal Storage Tanks or Silos

Sealing these structures helps them perform like a thermos, keeping warm contents warm and cool contents cool. A sealed tank or silo also will experience less thermal shock during the change of seasons.


Seal Boat Hulls

Seal the interior hull of boats with our closed cell sealants to reduce condensation problems and improve overall comfort.


Geotechnical Applications

Provide protection for pipelines in rocky terrain without having to sandbag by using BioSeal™ as a pad or a pillow. Create a pipeline trench breaker to prevent erosion and stabilize the soil.


For Below-Grade Applications

Seal building foundations below grade to prevent moisture problems, and then back fill with dirt to cover.


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